Bella's Pockets


The sweet little picture book peeks into the pockets of a quirky second grader on laundry day.  Little Bella pockets a tiny pistol one day, a lame horse the next. She hordes Vitamin C tablets, cocktail swords, shrinky dinks and Chinese fortunes. These beautifully photographed and kid-curated objects are made all the more interesting by reading Bella’s memories of the objects ten years later.  

Bella’s mother - photographer, author and co-founder, Lisa Bauso - explains  “Bella was always crouching down to pick something up on the street, bringing it to her eyes to examine it, like a diamond broker searching for flaws and color, then shoving it in a pocket." Lisa and her husband, Joe,  preserved the contents of Bella’s pockets for over a year then documented them here. One reader recommends it to “anyone who delights in the Cracker Jack moment of discovering a surprise!” 

Read an interview with Lisa Bauso on The Huffington Post.

See the Bella's Pocket's website.


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