Salt Water Pools at the Edgefield Ruby Spa, Troutdale, Oregon


The McMenamin brothers are known in the Pacific Northwest for converting outdated commercial properties into whimsical hotels - transforming a former masonic temple, dozens of public schools, an old church, a convent, a brewery. The Edgefield was the Oregon poor farm in the thirties and forties and is now the crowning jewel of the brothers' hotel collection.

The McMenamins take great effort to preserve - not just renovate. This approach lends to whimsical touches like keeping the  gymnasium, classrooms and class photos decorating the corridors of the "Kennedy School" hotel.

All of their properties reveal collaborations with artists hired to create art as part of the renovations by tricking out every surface and structure with playful and provocative paintings on the walls and sculptural metal work for the fixtures, fences and walkways throughout.

The Edgefield has a sixty room lodge, a vineyard, winery, distillery, brewery, tasting room, cigar and whiskey bar, organic vegetable garden, a pub, a fine restaurant, an outdoor concert venue and my favorite, the Ruby Spa.

There are two ways to enjoy the meandering outdoor 102 degree salt water pools at the Ruby Spa. One way is to book a room at Edgefield, which give you use of the spa or book a service and get to use the spa during your visit. Check out the services and amenities of Ruby Spa. There is even a sweet little tea house to order a pot of tea or a glass of wine while you soak.

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