Stock Tank Water Garden


One of the first signs that Summer has arrived in the Hudson Valley is planting our little water garden which we surround with deer tolerant herbs like lambs ear, lemon catmint and thyme.

We use an aluminum stock tank from Agway as our vessel and a terra cotta drain pipe to hold the plants in place. This keeps their soil from mucking up the water.  We lay another terra cotta pipe on its side as a place for our aquatic friends to hide from predators.  

We love Variegated Cattail which is planted  fairly close the the surface (depth level 2/3) and flowering Variegated Dropwort which is planted right at the surface (depth level 1/2). Both plants are hardy in zones 5-9. 

Adams Fairacre Farm in Kingston sells a host of hardy water plants, fish, snails and tadpoles. They also sell mosquito dunks - one little round dunk will keep the pond from spawning mosquitos all summer. Depending on the weather, our plants and fish sometimes overwinter (even in a frozen pond) though the tadpole inevitable grows legs and hops off mid-summer.


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