Baking with Julia

Baking with Julia is a beautiful volume for serious home bakers. It originated with a television series in which Julia invited renowned bakers like Steve Sullivan, Martha Stewart,  Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid into her kitchen.  On its pages you'll find Sullivan's XYZ, Stewart's exacting instructions for making and decorating a wedding cake, and Alford & Duguid's well researched approach to making pita bread.  

The recipe for a classic galette has a sturdy crust with a few tablespoons of cornmeal that holds up beautifully when filled with fresh fruit. The lemon ganache cake is a delicious recipe that gets its bright yellow color from the yolks of X farm fresh eggs and  its  and tartness from the zest of six lemons (my copy cracked at the spine here after baking this cake a few dozen times). And the chocolate....




jane beck

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