Where the Cubebot reigns


What is it about these timeless wooden puzzles? There have been bottle caps, rubber bands, legos, coins, finger puppets, countless comic books, but the Cubebot is now my boy's ultimate collection.

I first gave him a plain wood Cubebot on New Year's eve in our favorite Moroccan restaurant in Paris when he was four to entertain him endlessly. And when he saw his favorite shop, Tivoli Mercantile, carried it in every color of the rainbow he started collecting them (many as gifts from doting shop keepers and grandparents). 

I like to think he recognizes the extraordinary design and craftsmanship of David Week's puzzle inspired by Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles from Japan which are considerably more challenging.  But it seems to be something about the hunt for the next shape or color. The ability to stuff them in his pocket, his go-bag, his mini-cooper cup holder to amuse himself in motion. For his eleventh birthday Nana and Papa gave the boy the largest bot. Struggling to assemble and disassemble it he said, with great satisfaction, 'this one is really a sculpture, not a toy'.  


jane beck

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