DIY Motor City Ts

Every summer we make a dozen t-shirts to send off to camp with our boy (sometimes "grandparent camp" in Detroit). So many motor city brands have been threatened with extinction over the years that we recently gathered ten of our favorites to make his summer t-shirts.

Some of the brands we used are established like the Detroit Tigers, some recently under fire like the Detroit Institute of Arts and some brand new like McClure's Pickles. If you want to whip up your own to show your support for Detroit and its lasting brands consider:

  • Velvet Peanut butter - an old classic
  • McClure's Pickles - a new classic
  • The Spirit of Detroit -  an icon
  • Motown Records whose legendary sound was recorded at Hitsville USA studios
  • The Detroit Free Press - the city's  progressive paper
  • Town Club Pop - not "soda"
  • Woodward Avenue - a major thoroughfare as seen in your rear view window
  • Vernor's gingerale - which used to be dispensed medicinally and was once spicy enough to make you sneeze
  • The Detroit Tigers - forget the Mets or Yankees, this is the team
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts - whose Diego Rivera mural alone is worth the trip
  •  Detroit's Lafayette Coney Island restaurant whose timeless menu is better read than eaten!

jane beck

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