kid drawn denim


Today we treat our clothes like disposables with no thought as to who painstakingly sewed them a world away or to the fact they are recyclable.

In response to my son growing like a weed - we recently started modifying hand-me-downs and treasures from our local Salvation Army (where clothes are wased, pressed and impressively arranged by color and size).

My son modified these $4.99 jeans from the Salvation Army with hisfavorite homegrown 'Creature Capture' characters - Spirito, Anko, and Ancient Sword - with no more than a Clorox Bleach pen.

He simply drew the design (under close parental supervision outdoors), letting the bleach soak into the denim for at least an hour,. Then I rinsed them with cold water and washed as normal. I've also used shabori techniques and regular bleach for a completely different look. 


jane beck

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