Zero Waste Home


Bea Johnson's "Zero Waste Home" is a great resource for simplifying your day to day life - by taking a close look at your consumption.

You may not be ready for the extremes Bea went through to reduce a year of her family's household waste to one ball jar. Or the lengths she went to to downsize her carbon footprint - moving into a smaller house, selling her car, dumpster diving (for research) or collecting 150 Le Parfait jars.

The most novel thing about her approach is adding 'refuse' in front of the three Rs  to create her mantra - refuse, reuse, recycle, rot.

And the most radical result of letting go of her things is finding more quality time with her kids. There is much to be inspired by in her book  and occasional blog which I began following in 2010 (before Bea knew she could compost those pesky wax-paper butter wrappers!).   Below is a link to purchase her book and some of the products she inspired me to use in my home in order to waste less. 

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