"A Taste of Japan" @ The Doughnut Plant

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By the time we wrote this up The Doughnut Plant's ‘Taste of Japan’ had given way to New Orleans' Mardi Gras King Cakes. So you can only imagine the tangy, sweet, fragrant Japanese Yuzu that glazed their yeast, cake, and yuzu-custard filled doughnuts for a few weeks.

Just touch the tip of your tongue to the glaze and the heady smell of yuzu carries you to a Tokyo street corner where vending machines dispense tin cans of hot tea made of yuzu and honey (yuzu hachimitsu).

The Plant also launched black sesame, azuki & kinako, shiso and green tea doughnuts along with Matcha Latte and Kukicha tea (a twig tea with a milder, sweeter, creamier  flavor than matcha).   

The Doughnut Plant's 'Taste of Japan' celebrated their expansion to Asia over a decade ago. Founder Mark Israel’s passion for donuts was initially inspired by his grandfather who baked bread for U.S. Army troops in Paris during WWI.  To the delight of those of us living in New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, Israel has innovated  trés léches cake doughnuts,  square yeast doughnuts filled with house-made jam and caramelized  créme brulée doughnuts! But its yuzu-flavored donuts are already a thing of the past here in New York!

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