Escaping Time in Chatham, New York

When you walk down the main street of Chatham, New York today, you can almost imagine the daily life of its Dutch and Quaker settlers.  

Once the epicenter of interstate railways, It is a place of history that is in no way lost in time.

Today it boasts the membership-driven, independent Crandell Theatre which opened its doors as a 30cent per show vaudeville house on Christmas Day in 1936.  Across the street is the beautiful and similarly independent Chatham Bookshop which also houses an art supply shop and gallery. 

Bimi's Cheese is a delightful stop for cheese and all its accoutrements—chocolate, jam, bread. (Join the grilled cheese club to reward yourself for every visit to Bimi's grilled cheese bar.) 

Down the street in James Knight's shop Something's Gotta Give where he beautifully curates word work by local artisans—including many pieces by woodworkers Martin Zelonsky and Frank Grusauskas and the ceramics of Kathy Wismar.

Take a stroll past the brewery, liquor shop, clothing and shoe store, Belgian linen shop, yarn store and more up and down the main street of this beautiful Columbia County town. 


jane beck

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