The Hallowed Halls of Kinderhook

Richard Mosse, Everything Merges with the Night, 2015, Digital C-Print, 164x280 inches. 

Jack Shainman Gallery opened its newest gallery, The School, in Kinderhook, just two years (and three stunning exhibitions) ago. The 30,000 square foot exhibition space is, itself, a work of art. One gets the misleading feeling that the former high school was left untouched in its conversion to an art gallery—as if its generous hallways and classrooms were simply stripped down to the underlying plaster and concrete.   

The Summer 2016 exhibition, “A Change of Place,”  features Pierre Dorion, Hayv Kahraman,  Garnett Puett and Richard Mosse.

Pierre Dorion's minimalist, photo-realistic paintings depict the very doorways and windows of the exhibition space—a former high school. He explains "My preference is for formally spare, very minimalist works, in which the boundaries between architecture and the artwork fade away in the painting.”

In her own words, Iraqi emigré, Hayv Kahraman's work explores "the psyche of a refugee, and that sense of detachment you have from your land that you’ve had to leave behind."

Fourth generation beekeeper Garnett Puett collaborates on his sculpture with tens of thousands of honey bees who fill the void of iron sculptures with wax comb or, in one instance, entomb rifles in their cabinet.

The tour-de-force of this show, however,  is Irish photographer Richard Mosse's oversized photos of war-torn regions of the world. You undoubtedly saw his images of U.S. troops occupying the destroyed palaces of Uday and Saddam Hussein a decade ago.  A film accompanying this exhibition explains how his latest, and most stunning, work, Infra, captures the conflict-ridden rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo with Kodak Aerochrome film to render the plant chlorophyll in vibrant hues of red and pink. Mosse tells The British Journal of Photography "I wanted to confront this military reconnaissance technology, to use it reflexively in order to question the ways in which war photography is constructed."   

Richard Mosse, Hunches in Bunches, 2011, Digital C-Print, 88x140 inches

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