Improving Feng Shui with a DIY Hataki Duster


Legend suggests a Japanese hataki duster - made of bamboo and cotton cloth - activates positive Feng Shui. Rather than collecting dust - it pushes it to the floor to be swept up. The French housewares company Perigot makes beautiful hataki dusters you’ll find in the basement bricolage of Paris’ Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville. But you can easily make one from your own favorite fabric - as useful as it is beautiful.

All you need is a length of bamboo, some fabric and twine. Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric and iron accordian folds into them. Position the folded fabric on either side of one end of the bamboo. Tie with twine. Fold the fabric back and wrap the twine around again. I chose to make mine with a five foot long bamboo pole from my garden for hard to reach cob webs.


jane beck

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