Endless Citrus




The variety of citrus available today is dizzying. We enjoy it for its juice as well as the fragrance of its rind.  This week we took advantage of the diversity and served up blood oranges, cara cara oranges, cocktail grapefruit, heller peak season grapefruit, noble shiranuhi tangerine, minneola tangelo, ugli fruit, kumquats and mandarin oranges any way we could.

We juiced them, ate them raw, broiled them with honey and candied ginger and candied their rinds.

In the Spring we'll preserve blood oranges as marmalade. In the height of summer, we'll muddle limes into Brazilian Caipirinhas and whisk lemon zest into birthday pound cakes. In late December, we'll float slices of yuzu in a hot bath to celebrate the winter solstice (the shortest day and longest night) and ward off winter colds as we learned in Japan.  In early February, we'll score bright orange seedless tangerines with their green leaves attached in Chinatown - to ensure good luck and longevity for the Lunar New Year.  


jane beck

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