Enjoying the Clearwater on the Hudson

The Clearwater has been sailing the Hudson River since 1969 when musician Pete Seeger and friends launched their vision to bring entire communities onboard to gain an appreciation of the Hudson.

Support the Clearwater by volunteering, taking a sail on the Hudson, or making a direct donation.

Last fall the 106 foot white oak sloop (a replica of an 18th century tall ship) was pulled out of the water and dry docked at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston’s Round Out. The sloop’s hull, centerboard trunk, frames and planks below the waterline were all replaced. The massive renovation was pulled off by volunteers and Clearwater staff and funded by donors. Now she’ll be returned to the water where the white oak will swell and make her buoyant for her first sail in late June.

Spending a Sunday with the Clearwater crew to help with the restoration gave us a hands-on understanding of just how labor intensive the restoration process has been. We helped sweep and tidy the shop, cut and grind steel bolts, make wood plugs, paint and hammer the plugs into the hull. And we’ll gladly be there the next time they pull her out for maintenance.

Of course, sailing with the Clearwater on a private or public charter is another way to keep her afloat! And you truly experience the boat, the river, and the community that loves them both. A brief moment of silence to  listen to the Hudson lapping the side of the sloop is a highlight.

Join the mailing list today so you can stay abreast of excursions as they are added to their calendar. You might even be able to hop on one of the other boats in their fleet this weekend!

jane beck

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