Tutoring Big Apple Kids

Tutoring elementary school students is beyond rewarding. And with class sizes peaking at thirty students, your presence has never been more essential. You can see the difference a little encouragement makes from day one.  On my second day in a new classroom - helping a child with a writing assignment - a half dozen other students asked me to read their work before I left for my day job.

I put together a Mary Poppins style tutoring kit with magic-math-beans (to use as "math manipulables" ), an endless Muji eraser and French mechanical pencil, a sharpener, erasers to add to the chewed end of students’ pencils, colored markers, puffy Japanese stickers for a job well done, and a notebook for recording each day’s progress.

Of course it's your presence that makes a difference. As I write down words in my notebook to show a student struggling the difference between “while” and “wild”, I explained, “Soon all these words will be yours and we’ll use them to write a story of your own!” It's a project they look forward to and are so proud of.

Most volunteer opportunities begin by applying and providing references. Some require completing a training session to provide you with creative ideas for engaging students while teaching them the basics. As a volunteer you'll make the most impact by make a  commitment for a certain amount of time each week over the course of the school year.

Check out Idealist for opportunities.

jane beck

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