Dungeons & Dragons circa 1800

In my elementary school, my son and his friends invented a card game called 'Pocket Fighters' re-dubbed 'Creature Capture', making their own hand-drawn playing cards which they stuffed in their pockets, battling and trading on the playground. They played for years, sometimes just trading stories about the characters while walking home from school—until they discovered Pokémon. Years later, in middle school, my son has discovered Dungeons and Dragons (a game totally off my radar in the 70s). As with the earlier card games,  what he loves about it is creating characters, fabricating stories. And I was so touched to see his interest come full circle the weekend he insisted on pulling out quill pens he'd made with found feathers with his father (yes, they're that creative) to hand draw a map together. We invented territories, clans, obstacles, bodies of water and then our characters before combining our strengths to achieve our collective mission.

jane beck

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