Cliff Bell’s Jazz Joint, Detroit


On Detroit’s Park Avenue (just a few blocks from the Fox Theater), is a jewel of a jazz joint built in 1935—Cliff Bell's.

Bell kicked off his career as a child working his father’s Irish Pub, then went underground during prohibition working at speakeasies all over town before opening The Commodore Club which thrived after the repeal of prohibition.

The luxurious Cliff Bell’s followed in 1935—its Art Deco design realized in mahogany and brass with leather banquets, beautiful wall murals, vaulted ceilings, and a horseshoe bar now serving a twist on Prohibition era cocktails.  

It has a beautiful full brunch and dinner menu (with vegan and vegetarian options) that invites guest to “please plan for a leisurely dining experience”. A plate of truffle fries and a Detroit Dirty martini with vodka and McClure’s pickle brine would satisfy.

Not incidentally, it’s a beautiful, intimate place to listen to jazz.

jane beck

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