Honeymoon Picnic

When my niece's boyfriend proposed to her on Detroit's Belle Isle - her favorite place to roam -  I knew I had to gift them a picnic basket.

It's so nice to have a basket packed and ready to go - just add food and water. There have been summers when I had my basket organized enough to throw a picnic brunch almost every Sunday all summer long at estates along the Hudson - starting on Father's Day. That picnic set included a big French market basket with bamboo vegetable steamers to contain the loot.

This one includes the necessities: a cotton blanket, bamboo cutlery, napkins, paper bags, wooden plates, a (recycled) glass bottle, glasses and tea. And the luxuries: grass fans, votives, mosquito netting and a string bag. As well as some amusements like tools for journaling, a deck of cards, dice, his-and-hers mustaches, and his-and-hers darts